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A doula is typically a person who provides support for the awesome experience of birthing a child. Internally, we also experience many cycles of birth and death along the journey of Life. These places of transition are potent opportunities for us to witness and integrate our own growth and empowerment.

I have found that holding these cycles within a perspective of sacredness allows me to gain a sense of purpose, love, and empowerment from these moments. I hold my journey within this sacredness by allowing every aspect of my Life to be framed as a part of my Soul journey, and therefore a part of my divine expression of being human. On this path I get to witness any stories I hold that cause me to label something as not sacred (fragmenting it into the shadows or unconscious realms)... be with those stories with tenderness, unconditional love, and curiosity ... and to cultivate the patient intention to call those stories home to Soul. As a practitioner, I offer this loving container to act as a Doula for your Soul. I have dynamic intuitive gifts that allow me to see and reflect the deeper Soul truth within an experience as well as a powerful capacity to hold space as an unconditionally loving witness.

Through practicing these arts with clients and receiving them along my path, I have become a true believer in the magic that becomes possible when we are held and witnessed Life in ways that allow us to stay present to our creative power through the ups and the downs. It is my deep desire that all of us have access to this kind of support when we need it. It is my humble honor to be able to co-create these safe places with my clients. I do so from a place of integrity, joy, and devotion to this path.

The open nature of my sessions allows me to work with any material as it arises. Thus far my sessions have most commonly focused on;


  • The path of learning how to truly love ourselves and our bodies

  • Opening to experiencing states of pleasure and bliss in all situations and reintegration of any parts that inhibit the flow of these state of being

  • The experience of locating and opening to our true desires, tuning in to a sense of meaning and purpose on our journey, and opening to our intuitive guidance and unique gifts

  • Deepening into our relationship with Nature and seeing ourselves as Nature . . . as well as deepening our trust in the process of life and the Universe itself.

  • The journey toward establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. This journey often encompasses integrating experiences of past trauma.

  • The courage to begin to open to experiencing the full spectrum and magnitude of feelings, emotions, and sensations within a situation, and to find the gifts and wisdom inherent in being with them

  • The process of bringing love and compassion to parts of ourselves that have been relegated to the shadows/ places of self-hatred, and revealing the personal power hidden in them

Session content

In a session I enter in to a space of being a Doula for your Soul by becoming an unconditionally loving witness, a Soul mirror, and a passionate advocate for all the facets of your life/ Soul path. Intuitively, I yield myself to a place of surrender to allow the most potent and relevant information of the moment to be read and felt into. I use my skills of heightened sensitivity to to be an active witness to these processes using;


Body and energy readings

Channeled messages

Shamanic imagery and guides



Ancestral energy readings

Alternate life readings

Other modalities as they arise in these highly dynamic sessions ...


In terms of the “nuts and bolts” of how a session works, most of my sessions are distance sessions via the phone. The content and sequence of a session is highly variable and guided by my intuitive sense of what wants to happen when, but will always involve a space for you to share what you are experiencing, a reading of your body and energy to guide me toward what is wanting to be seen and felt, an interactive back and forth to allow us to work together on honing in on what that thing is with precision, and a suggestion on how to move with and/or integrate this energy into your Soul path. 

Session benefits


In my own journey, when I have felt stuck, overwhelmed, or disempowered by an experience, I have found profound support and a renewed capacity to meet my life in my creative power by having a loving witness and advocate for my Soul journey. I use my intuitive awareness to help guide us toward whatever wants to be felt and seen that has been asking for a witness in order to be fully integrated. Often these are things that are on the edges of our consciousness, and things that we are therefore not aware of. When these buried truths surface, within the loving and compassionate container of a session, they land within our internal landscape in a profound way . . . returning us to our creative power in the artistry of living our lives with fullness. It is my deepest honor to share these precious spaces with you.


The benefits of this work are beyond any other kind of work I have done. They are raw, real, gritty, and lasting. They are profoundly empowering. They are the medicine to all things. They awaken all things. They create the fertile ground from which new life springs and the sacred resting place for the old to die with reverence. They grow and change with me and are ever being birthed.

Booking a session


I only offer sessions to clients that I feel intuitively guided to work with. I have deep reverence for this kind of work and believe that we all have the right to find practitioners that we resonate with and can go deep with. Feel free to email me to explore whether we might work well together. I also offer 15 minute free consultations for those looking to explore more deeply before booking with me. I have a list of a handful of wonderful practitioners who do similar work that I can wholeheartedly recommend if we are not a fit.


My sessions are $120 per hour and typically last about an hour. I also offer sliding scale rates, starting at $60 per hour, to any who need them as well as other kinds of trades/barters. I have greatly benefited from this kind of flexibility in my life and am honored to be able to pay it forward.

"You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body 
love what it loves..

- Mary Oliver


"I am so grateful for you and I’m inspired by your work - you connected me with this very special path I’m on and it is the greatest gift that I can think of. Thank you-thank you-thank you. You have erased all doubt."


—  Richard, Eugene, OR



A phone session in the comfort of your own home. 


Ideal for body- or place-focused sessions. Must be arranged in advance before booking.


Useful for couples and other close relationships for body-based conflict mediation or shared Life journey exploration. 


Guidance and support in designing a full retreat or individual sessions in a group setting. Must be arranged in advance before booking.


Tel: 510-982-6015


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