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Healing Arts

Supporting embodiment of our divine power

My  —  



My practice exists to provide support for the embodiment of our divine selves.














and allll the other stuff of Life,


as this Self.


This journey is highly unique for each of us. For me, this process constantly involves a profound deepening into my centered body, and Nature as my body, as my Soul's greatest ally along this journey. My sessions offer support for those who resonate with this kind of embodied path to Truth.


Body-based guidance philosophies offer a special and necessary medicine for this time in our history. This work aligns us with the healthy needs of the body, Nature as the body, and Love as Nature, thereby helping us find our loving place in our communities and on our planet.


Session content


Due to the dynamic and ever emerging nature of this work, my sessions are highly unique and tailored to meet you exactly where you are, with exactly what you need, for your embodiment in that moment. I utilize my intuitive gifts, which include a highly developed body-based awareness of truth, to guide us toward the deeper truths and support available to you from the Divine. There are so many facets to this path, and so many places that we will go to walk it, that to list everything I have done and could do in these sessions would take more space than exists here. What I do know is that . . .


because I am walking this path with authenticity and perfect imperfection,

because I have met my own deep darkness and shining light,

and found my capacity to access Love through it all,

with my centered body and Nature as my constant ally,


. . . I have profound capacity to support you along finding this embodied Love for yourself.


My work often involves;


SoulBody readings and mirroring

Embodiment practices

Guided meditations

Energy movement

Shamanic/Nature guides



Unique practice prescriptions

And many others . .


Session benefits


The benefits of this work are beyond any other kind of work I have done. They are raw, real, gritty, and lasting. They are profoundly empowering. They are the medicine to all things. They awaken all things. They create the fertile ground from which new life springs and create the sacred resting place for the old to die with reverence. They grow and change with me and are ever being birthed.


Thus far I have seen the most profound shifts in;


  • Personal empowerment

  • Establishment and maintenance of clear and loving boundaries

  • Expanding capacity to listen to and follow the profound wisdom of the body

  • Deepening self-love: self-honesty, self-gentleness, self-forgiveness

  • Increased intimacy and connection in relationships

  • The courage to discern and pursue authentic dreams and desires

  • Conscious participation in the true magic of Life

  • Accessing ecstatic states of creation and being

  • Learning to trust Life and its inherent changes

  • Ability to detect and address nontruths

  • A willingness to feel uncomfortable emotions and find the wisdom within them

  • Expansion of our capacity to feel more (numb less) of the wide spectrum of sensations, emotions, and states of being that constitute being Alive

  • Locate a place of trust through death, illness, disease, past or present trauma, and deaths of the self (Dark Night)

  • Developing a sense of connectedness, ever present support, and relational intimacy with our bodies, and our bodies as Nature

  • Purposeful resolution of internal and external conflict (including familial and ancestral conflict)

  • Reclamation of our unique and authentic sexuality and sexual sovereignty

  • Compassion for others, for all of us, for Life

If you feel like this experience could be nourishing for you, give yourself the gift of a session with me. You are worth it! You deserve to have support! (We ALL need it sometimes.)

Student and low income discounts always available. No one will be turned away. Contact me to inquire.

"You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body 
love what it loves..

- Mary Oliver


"I am so grateful for you and I’m inspired by your work - you connected me with this very special path I’m on and it is the greatest gift that I can think of. Thank you-thank you-thank you. You have erased all doubt."


—  Richard, Eugene, OR



A phone session in the comfort of your own home. 


Ideal for body- or place-focused sessions. Must be arranged in advance before booking.


Useful for couples and other close relationships for body-based conflict mediation or shared Life journey exploration. 


Guidance and support in designing a full retreat or individual sessions in a group setting. Must be arranged in advance before booking.



Tel: 510-982-6015